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Ian Robson - "Supercool Astronomy"
3 July 2018
Starts: 19:20
Ends: 22:00

Supercool Astronomy is only about 40 years old.  It is the study of the very cold objects in space, especially the study of the dust emission that so often shrouds the secrets of star and galaxy formation.  This is the realm of submillimetre astronomy and it has been a huge British success story, with many of the breakthroughs being undertaken by UK astronomers, especially through ground-breaking discoveries of the ‘SCUBA revolution’.

Submillimetre astronomy is a prime example of where huge scientific achievements have been driven by major technological advances in a very short space of time.  Professor Ian Robson’s talk will discuss how submillimetre astronomy developed, the role of the UK and how it is now very trendy, and totally supercool.

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