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Pop-Up Solar Observatory - Rosemarkie Beach
29 June 2019
Starts: 12:30
Ends: 14:30

Safely observe the Sun through our Club's specialised solar telescopes - This Saturday, Rosemarkie Beach, near The Cafe

 When you see us just pop-in and our experienced solar observors will help you safely look at the Sun through our specialised telescopes.

You might be lucky and find your smartphone fits our eyepiece-adapter and let you take a souvenir photo for you to share on your social media!

Find out about your local Highlands-based astronomy club, what we do, our public-access observatory next to Culloden Battlefield, our monthly meetings with top-quality speakers, our Youngstars section for 8 to 14 year olds, and more.

You can even join the club there and then! 

All we need is the weather to cooperate - not a big ask!

David, Eric, Gerry, & Pauline

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Dark Sky Observing

Dark Sky Observing Season Begins

Fri 20th September 9pm until 11pm

- Note the later start as sky is not dark enough until 9pm!

- Hosted dark sky observing through our Club telescopes

- Bring your binoculars for a fascinating tour of some easy-to-find targets

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