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"Weird Stars" by Pauline Macrae
4 February 2020
Starts: 19:15
Ends: 22:00

Not all stars are born equal and this can lead to some real monsters, large and small, out in space looking and behaving in weird ways. This talk looks a little closer at some of these stars but beware, nightmares are made of these…


Our very own Pauline Macrae will take you on a mysterious journey looking at the life-cycle of stars.  These stars, star precursors, and the remnants of many, are shining down on us now.  Are you prepared for what you might hear ..... and what you're going to find the next time you look up at the Scottish Highlands night sky?!!!


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Dark Sky Observing

Saturday 29th February

Public & Members

Open 19:00
Close 21:00


Dress warmly!

Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before close so you get a decent chance to view the night sky

A voluntary charitable donation in the region of £5 per adult would be greatly appreciated to enable us to operate & maintain our Observatory & Club