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JSL Observatory
Pop-Up Solar Observatory at Inverness Leisure Centre

A very successful afternoon was had last Saturday.

Watch this space for notice of our next pop-up observatory!

Meet us, find out what we do, hear about our club activities, look at telescopes, astrophotographs, 3D-printed accessories. Take part in fun activities.

** View the Sun through a special solar telescope **

Like what you see? You can JOIN OUR CLUB on the day, right there & then!

All welcome!
Directions can be found href="http://www.spacegazer.com/index.asp?pageid=94482">here, and a list of planned observing sessions is on the href="http://www.spacegazer.com/index.asp?pageid=94984">JSL Observatory page. Please check back here for the latest status before setting out.