The Society's Committee and Trustees

Office Bearers

Chairman: Eric Walker

Secretary: Rhona Fraser

Treasurer: Andrew Brough

Committee Members

Vice-Chair: David Davidson

Observatory Manager: Gerry Gaitens

Programme Secretary: Pat Escott

Membership Secretary: Sharon Lloyd

Webmasters: James Hitchmough / Eric Walker

Breakout Groups: Paul Jenkins, Pauline Macrae, Arthur Milnes

Media Sub-Committee:  Pauline Macrae

Events Secretary: David Davidson

Observatory Committee

Observatory Manager: Gerry Gaitens

Session Supervisers: Rhona Fraser, Pauline Macrae, Gerry Gaitens, Paul Jenkins, James Hitchmough, Eric Walker, David Davidson

Society Specialists

"Society Specialists" are Society members who have a particular interest in a certain field. First enquiries about these subjects will usually be addressed to them. If you would like to become a "Society Specialist" and share your knowledge, please contact the Chairman or Secretary. If you'd like to ask one of them a question by email, please use the Enquiry Form and it will be passed on to them.

Astrophotography Group: Eric Walker

Children's Group ("Youngstars"): Pauline Macrae, Trina Shaddick

Equipment and Observing Technique: Antony McEwan

Binocular Observing: James Hitchmough

Light PollutionPauline Macrae 

Planets: Pauline Macrae

Solar Observing: Antony McEwan, Gerry Gaitens

STEM Ambassadors: Eric Walker, Pauline Macrae, Sharon Lloyd

Variable Stars: Rhona Fraser 

Youth Groups: Pauline Macrae




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Dark Sky Observing

Saturday 29th February

Public & Members

Open 19:00
Close 21:00


Dress warmly!

Try to arrive at least 30 minutes before close so you get a decent chance to view the night sky

A voluntary charitable donation in the region of £5 per adult would be greatly appreciated to enable us to operate & maintain our Observatory & Club