Light Pollution Image Library

By Antony McEwan

If you have read through the information on our Light Pollution pages, you will realise that Light Pollution is a serious and growing problem. We astronomers are not the only ones who suffer; it affects wildlife, wastes energy, money and resources, and in many cases entirely defeats the purpose of lighting in the first place!

A new Image Library has been created bylocal web company Plexus Media Ltd., based in Cromarty, and is partly managed by representatives of the Campaign for Dark Skies (CFDS). The library contains a selection of images from our local area as well as further afield, and shows many examples of bad lighting and their effects on our environment and day to day (or night to night) lives. They have been taken by Colin Dunn and other photographers, and collated here to highlight some of these problems. Examples of good lighting are also shown, and the images are split into different 'albums', which cover Buildings and Structures, Maritime, Businesses, Floodlights, Motorway Lighting and many other headings.

cromarty harbour after new lighting installed. doh

Just as with our own astronomical image library, you can view all of the images and leave comments on them. Just click the link below to view the images and show your support for this local Light Pollution exhibition.

Light Pollution Image Library

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