Member's Mods

A page dedicated to the ancient art of improving stuff and how it can be applied to astronomical equipment!

3D-printed Vixen Dovetail to DSLR-Camera Mount Adapter (Dec 2018, Eric Walker)

3D-printed SynScan Hand-Controller Holder for SkyWatcher EQ5 Mount (Dec 2018, Eric Walker)

3D-Printed Universal Camera Lens Filter Holder (Dec 2018, Eric Walker)

Lens Cap Mod to Fit a Star Analyser 100 Diffraction Grating - enables the capture of spectra using a DSLR camera & zoom lens (Dec 2018, Eric Walker)

Homemade camera fitting to attach to Sky-Watcher mount and carry out long exposures without star-trailing (Nov 2018, Eric Walker)

EQ3 Direct Declination Drive - How to remove backlash in the declination drive of an EQ3 type mount, by Maarten de Vries  

Cool That Mirror - How to re-use an old computer fan to get better results from your Newtonian, by Maarten de Vries  

DIY Solar Filter - How to save money and keep your eyesight, by Jeremy Rundle  

AZ-3 Mount Mod - How to add a counterweight system to Synta's AZ-3 mount, by Antony McEwan  

AZ-3 Servicing - Tune up your AZ-3 mount for much improved performance, by Antony McEwan  

ED-100 Focuser Swap - Swapping the standard Synta Crayford focuser for a third party add-on, by Antony McEwan  

Dob Repaint - Repainting and renovating the GSO 680 Dobsonian, by Antony McEwan  

PST Bracket for SupaTrak Mount - Track the Sun with your PST on a SupaTrak, by Jeremy Rundle  

Weather Manipulation - Change the local weather patterns to ensure 100% reliable weather manipulation, by Antony McEwan (A work in progress)