Public Observing

For the status of an upcoming observing session please see the 'JSL Observatory' panel in the right-hand column.

On two Friday evenings each month (from Sep-Mar), the Observatory will be open to the general public. Visitors are welcome to come and join us for an evening under the stars, where we can show you some of the wonders of the universe! You will be able to look through our main 14" telescope in the dome, and also various other telescopes (members' scopes included) that may be set up at the observatory.

If you are interested in attending an observing session, or would like some pointers on making the best of your own sessions, please read the Practical Observing Etiquette. It is recommended reading before attending a public observing session. Thank you.

All observing sessions are subject to weather conditions. If it is heavily overcast or raining, then the observatory will remain closed. There may be additional reasons why a session has to be cancelled, so please check this website to confirm that the observatory will be open before you travel. Information will be posted in the right hand column of this site under the heading JSL Observatory.


Please click here for a map of the observatory and here to plan your journey

The observatory is located at the far end of the Culloden Battefield NTS Visitor Centre car park. Please take great care when driving into the car park. Drive slowly and where possible use sidelights only  in order to prevent those people already present from losing their night vision - it takes up to 20 minutes to fully adapt.

Use of Torches

When you arrive at the observatory itself, please do not use torches that produce white light because this will immediately destroy the night vision of those present in the observatory. It will take up to 20 minutes to regain this, so please don't upset the observers! If you have a torch that produces red light, you are welcome to use it.


The dates of our public observing sessions can be found on our Observing Sessions page.

Observing sessions may on occasion also be arranged on request for private parties. To find out more please use our online Enquiry Form.


Although we don't charge admission, we would very much welcome a donation of £2 for those who attend to cover some of the cost of the upkeep of our observatory. All staff are volunteers and the society has charitable status.