26 June 2019
Pauline Digs Deep at JSL Observatory

A busy and successful day for the Work Crew today at JSL Observatory.


Gales over the past couple+ years had taken their toll on our south-facing fence and it was never going to last out another observing season.


After much digging of deep holes, 3off 4x4 posts, four and a half hundredweight of Postcrete, and coach bolts & washers the fence is secure again and should be good for a few years to come.


Funniest moment of the day - we four guys got blethering and someone forgot to tell Pauline to stop digging.  Biggest hole we’ve seen hand dug (with a gardening trowel) .... ever! 😂


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Dark Sky Observing

Dark Sky Observing Season Begins

Fri 20th September 9pm until 11pm

- Note the later start as sky is not dark enough until 9pm!

- Hosted dark sky observing through our Club telescopes

- Bring your binoculars for a fascinating tour of some easy-to-find targets

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