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08 September 2019September Club News

September Club News presented to Members & Visitors at our last Monthly Club Meeting on Tuesday 3rd September 2019.

Chairman's Chat

Pauline introduced Eric Walker as the new Club Chairman (in her usual humourous way!)

Eric thanked the previous Chairman, Paul Jenkins, for his service to the Club and for all the effort he put in to the role.  Although Paul is setting up a new home quite a few miles from us he is remaining a member of the club and is still a committee member.

Arthur Milnes, who was Vice Chairman, had earlier let us know that he wished to stepped down so Eric's first duty was find an equally enthusiastic new Vice Chairman.  Eric also thanked Arthur for his excellent service in this role where he had to step into the Chairman position on several occasions in the last few months.  Arthur will remain a committee member and continue doing all the work in the background that no-one sees and which keeps the Club meetings running smoothly & Observatory in good shape.

Dave Davidson is the new Vice Chair and he kicked off his term by presenting a summary of what we had been up to in the previous month and what we plan to get up to in September.

Eric introduced himself into his role by thanking the Committee for supporting him to become Chairman and that he is really looking forward to applying his enthusiasm, passion for the Club, and very practical emphasis on the way the Club develops.

KISSAstronomy & A Club For Our Members

The Club will continue with its way of "Keeping It Simple, Straightforward, and Accessible" to all - Accessible 

also referring to Affordable & Amateur.

The Club is all about the Members and a most important thing to remember is to Keep It Fun!

Buoyed by our successful summer activities we have already planned in our first dark skies observing sessions for the end of September.

We are going to review our Club Meeting Break-Out Sessions with a view to helping members observe the night sky and set-up & get the best out of their observing & photography equipment.

We'll look at using the exisitng expertise within our Club to support & mentor individual & group Members, for example, those new to amateur astronomy, setting up and using their own equipment, setting up their own observatories, and suchlike.

Exciting times ahead!



The PowerPoint presentation contains news, updates, and photos of the following

  • Perseid Meteors
  • Pop-Up Solar Observatory at Nairn Beach
  • Doors Open Day 2019
  • Members Activities & Photos
  • September Skies and Astrophotography Challenge (Milky Way & Andromeda Galaxy)
  • September Events


11 August 2019August Club News

August Club News presented to Members & Visitors at our last Monthly Club Meeting on Tuesday 6th August 2019.

It contains news, updates, and photos of the following

•Culloden 300

•Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival

•Summer Astrophotography Challenge

•Doors Open Day 2019


(PowerPoint Presentation)

21 July 201950 Years Ago .... by Eric W Walker (21 July 2019)

50 years ago my mum & dad let me stay up to watch Man take his first step on the Moon.

I was 11 years old and had been passionately watching & reading about all the American & Russian space missions for the past few years. Anyone that has met me, will know that, still, I just want to learn everything about everything!

UK folks of my time will remember the names of James Burke, Cliff Michelmore, Raymond Baxter, and, of course, Patrick Moore who fed our insatiable appetites for knowledge & information about space, space flight, the space race, and the Apollo 11 moon landing.

My dad was into photography at the time and had his own wee black & white photography darkroom in our Council house in Provost Square in Brechin.

We set up a camera on a tripod in front of our black & white telly and took shot, after shot, after shot. Dad was much more planned and structured than me and ensured he got pics of the key, now historical, moments.

At 3:56:20 am BST on July 21st Neil Armstrong set Man’s first foot on the Moon.

His crackly comm-system broadcast the words “That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind” which made a huge impact on me and affected (for the good, I hope) the way I constantly try to improve myself and help others through my achievements (that’s what dad told me, in “Brechin speak”, the statement meant, and the way in which he told me was one of those father-son moments you don’t forget).

When the broadcast finished we went straight to the darkroom, developed the film and made contact prints, and enlarged them once the negatives had dried.

I don’t have any of the prints anymore, however, a couple of months ago I was going through some of my dad’s obscure things (he passed away a few years ago) and came across a small old plastic box which you used to store 35mm slides.

To my total amazement, and sheer delight, there were three negatives from that early morning. They were three of the key moments of the Apollo 11 moonwalk - lunar module hatch opening, first step on the Moon, and a later snapshot of the moonwalk itself.

Tears of mixed emotion in my eyes, joy at this discovery, sad at not being able to be with my dad again, pride at what he did for me and enabled me to become ... I took iPhone photos of the scratched negatives and processed them with iPhone software to turn them into positives.

Attached are the images I obtained.

Such a joyous memory I just wanted to, and had to, share it with everyone.

Eric (Jr.)

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Dark Sky Observing

Dark Sky Observing Season Begins

Fri 20th September 9pm until 11pm

- Note the later start as sky is not dark enough until 9pm!

- Hosted dark sky observing through our Club telescopes

- Bring your binoculars for a fascinating tour of some easy-to-find targets

Event Details

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