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Forum Rules

Please respect our forum

This form is intended for people with an interest in astronomy to ask questions, share their knowledge and experience, or leave messages about events etc. We’re looking forward to interesting and lively debate, so please keep topics relevant and don’t spoil it by using it for inappropriate messages.

You are reminded that this is a public forum and that messages displayed here can be read by anyone with access to the internet. We expect you to use this forum only to discuss matters of astronomical interest or to offer private sale of second hand astronomical equipment or accessories. Commercial adverts are not allowed. If you want to place a commercial advert on our website, please use our enquiry form to explain your requirements and we will get back to you with prices and terms.

This forum is moderated. Board moderators have the right to remove any messages, at any time and without any explanation. Any messages of offensive, indecent, or similar nature will be immediately removed and the offending contributor will be removed from the system and future access blocked. Where messages are suspected to be in breach of the law, we will immediately inform the authorities.

Please do not put any classifieds in General Interest or Equipment forums. The equipment forum is intended to discuss matters of a technical nature.

Subjects discussed in this forum do not necessarily reflect the views of Highlands Astronomical Society.

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