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Added on 28 September 2022

We've completed one of our major 2022/23 projects - we've successfully bought & assembled the new shed for JSL Observatory!

Those of you who take part in activities at the observatory will know that the old shed was on its last legs.  It had lost its felt roof and was suffering from the extreme weather at Culloden Moor.  It wouldn't have survived this winter and many thanks are due to our Observatory Manager, Gerry Gaitens, who executed this project from start to finish.

Today, HAS members Gary Fairlie, Pauline Macrae, Gerry Gaitens, and Eric Walker donned their bibs-and-braces and got on with the task in hand.

The old shed was emptied of its contents and promptly 'disassembled' leaving the perfect space required for the new shed.

Four hours, many cups of tea & penguins (the chocolate kind, not the feathered variety) later and the shed was up & weather proof.  All the items were put back in the shed and the team deservedly patted themselves on the back.

The shed still has to be insulated & adequately ventilated and the task of 'getting rid of old & unnecessary 'stuff'' will create great debate I'm sure.

Anyway, a job very well done, and if you click on this link it will take you to the YouTube timelapse of The Shedsters hard at work. Enjoy!

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