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Stargazey Pie - Society Newsletter

Please find below links to the back-catalogue of the Stargazey Pie Newsletter. Want to read the current issue? Join the Society to have the Stargazey Pie delivered straight to your inbox!

The Newsletter is presented in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader or a similar PDF utility to read the files. If you do not already have it installed on your PC, you can download the program here.


  • July  'Noteworthy Comets' by Denis Buczynski
  • June 'What has Space ever done for us' by Matjaz Vidmar
  • May 'A Visual Guide to the Universe' by Prof. David D. Meyer
  • April  'The Mars Curiosity Rover' by Prof. John Bridges
  • March  'The Future of Astronomical Observations' by Prof. Martin Hendry
  • February 'Brains Trust' - a Panel of "Experts"
  • January 'Planetary Nebulae'  by Maarten de Vries 



  • December 'Early Galaxies' by Prof. James Dunlop
  • November 'Life in Space' by Paul Jenkins
  • October  'The Apollo Programme' by Ken MacTaggart
  • September 'A Practical Approach to Observing'
  • August 'CERN' by James Hitchmough
  • July 'Is There Life on Earth' by James McTaggart
  • June 'Under Alien Skies 2' by Arthur Milne
  • May 'Comets and the Amateur Astronomer in the Digital Age' by Denis Bucyzynski
  • April AGM and Quiz
  • March  'Galaxy Zoo' by Maarten de Vries
  • February 'Saturn's Scintillating Satellites' by Pauline Macrae
  • January 'The Ultra-Violet Universe' by Paul Jenkins


  • December 'Life of Comets' by Robert McNaught
  • November 'Gamma-Ray Astronomy' by Prof. Paula Chadwick
  • October 'From the Darkest Reaches' by Samantha Smith
  • September  'Practical Astronomy' by A Cast of Thousands
  • August  'How I wonder What You Are' by Dr. Paul Ruffle
  • July  'Stars and Digital Photography' by Elina Shatalova
  • June  'The Moons of Neptune' by John Rosenfield
  • May  'Extrasolar Planets and Extraterrestrial Intelligence' by Dr. Duncan Forgan
  • April  'Asteroseismology' by Prof. Bill Chaplin
  • February 'Exoplanets and the SuperWASP project' by Grant Miller
  • January 'Space Medicine' - Bethany Jones


  • December 'Journey Into Space' - Paul Jenkins
  • November 'Mercury Messenger' - Pauline Macrae
  • October 'Stellar Siblings' - Maarten de Vries
  • September 'The Exploration of Mars?' - Prof. Mark Sims
  • August 'Runaway Rockets' - Dr John Davies
  • July 'Dark Matter' - Samantha Smith and James Hitchmough
  • June 'Venus: The Planet and its Transits' - Gordon McKenna
  • May 'Getting to Know The Moon' - Ken Kennedy
  • April 'Elements of Surprise' - Arthur Milnes
  • February 'Naming Astronomical Objects' - Michael Marett-Crosby
  • January 'Celestial Oddballs' - Maarten de Vries


  • November 'Active and Starburst Galaxies' - Pauline Macrae
  • October 'Solar Flares and Spaceweather' - Dr Lyndsay Fletcher
  • September 'Mercury Messenger - Last Frontier of the Terrestrial Planets' by John Rosenfield
  • August 'Getting Close to an Exo-Earth' by James Mactaggart
  • July 'The Going of DAWN' by Paul Jenkins
  • June 'Aurora' by Ken Kennedy
  • May 'The Moon Landing Hoax?' by Ken MacTaggart
  • April 'Stellar Cannibals' by Amanda Smith
  • March 'Space Camps USA' by Nick Forwood
  • February 'Animals in Space' by Michael Marett-Crosby
  • January 'Seeing the Quantum World through a Telescope' by Maarten de Vries


  • December 'Beyond Infinity' by Paul Jenkins
  • November 'Galaxies' by Pauline Macrae
  • October 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' by John Rosenfield
  • September  'LIGO & LISA' by Stuart Reid


  • December  'The Queen of the Heavens' by Rhona Fraser
  • November  Monthly Meeting Notices 
  • October  Monthly Meeting Notices
  • September  Monthly Meeting Notices
  • August  'Robotic Exploration - The Challenges' by Maarten de Vries
  • July  'The Solar Eclipse of 2008 from China, and the Beijing Observatory' by Des Loughney
  • June  'Blinking Stars' by Melvyn Taylor
  • May  'Sirius Red' by Howie Firth
  • April  AGM & DVD: 'Magnificent Desolation - Walking On The Moon'
  • March  'Powering Satellites and Spaceships' by Arthur Milnes
  • February  'Galilean Satellites' by Pauline Macrae
  • January   'Mars - How Did They get it so Wrong?' by Bill Leslie


  • December  'Traipsing round The Universe' by Maarten de Vries
  • November  'Video Astronomy' by Andrew Elliot and 'Comet Making' by Bill Leslie
  • October  'Charlie's List' by Maarten de Vries
  • September  'Physics of The Extraordinary' by Colin Donaldson
  • August  'Hunting the Largest Redshift Galaxies'  by Ross McLure
  • July  'The Sun and its Interactions with Earth' by Duncan Lunan
  • June  'Stars in their Death Throes' by John Eldridge
  • May  'The Hubble Space Telescope' by Chris Stradlin
  • April  AGM
  • March  'Meteors' by Neil Bone
  • February  'Jupiter' by Pauline Macrae
  • January  'Presentation Skills' by Robert Clark, and more by John Gilmour and Arthur Milnes


  • December  'The Christmas Star' by Pauline Macrae
  • November  'Space Missions' by Robert Law
  • October  'Travelog - A Southern Sky' by Rhona Fraser
  • September  'The total eclipse of 1919 and The Creation of Einstein The Celebrity' by Bill Leslie 
  • August  'Watchers of The Dawn' by Dougie Scott
  • July  'Equipment Night' by Society Members
  • June  'Discovery and Exploration of The Moon'  by Ken MacTaggart
  • May  'Imaging with the Canon EOS 20Da' by Douglas Cooper
  • April  AGM
  • March  'The Night the Stars Fell' by Brian Kelly
  • February  'Mars Update' by Pauline Macrae
  • January  'Cosmic Building Blocks' by Arthur Milnes


  • December  'A Dummy's Guide to building a Home Observatory' by Eric Walker
  • November  'Orbital Manoeuvres in The Dark' by Maarten de Vries
  • October  'Abra Cad Astra' by Prof. John Brown
  • September  'James Nasmyth and His Telescopes' by Dave Gavine
  • August  'Noctilucent Clouds - A Modern Phenomenon' by Ken Kennedy
  • July  'Equipment Night' by Society Members
  • June  'The Aurora' by Ian Brantingham
  • May  Short presentations by Arthur Milnes, Donald Boyd and Rhona Fraser
  • April  AGM
  • March  'Life and Death in Other Planetary Systems' by Jane Greaves
  • February  'Cassini-Huygens' by Pauline Macrae
  • January  'Believe It Or Not'  by Arthur Milnes


  • December  'Chimneys, Fountains and the ISM' by Gordon Gallacher
  • November  'Star City' by Maarten de Vries
  • October  'Observing Satellites' by Alan Pickup
  • September  'Apollo 16' from NASA DVD loaned by Andy Ferguson
  • August  'Moons of Mars' by John Rosenfield
  • July  'Equipment Night' by Society Members
  • June  'The Stars Above, The World Below - a Fresh Look at Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo' by Howie Firth
  • May  'Getting the Measure of The Universe' by Dr. Martin Hendry
  • April  AGM
  • March  'With a Suitable System of Gears and Levers' by Arthur Milnes
  • February  'What has the Space Industry Done For Us?' by Pauline Macrae
  • January  'A Space Story' DVD by Andy Ferguson


  • December  'Orbital Zoo' by Trina Shaddick
  • November  'Sundials' by Dave Gavine
  • October  'Recent Advances with RHESSI' by Dr. Lyndsay Fletcher


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