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October Club News

Added on 04 October 2019

October Club News

October Club News presented to Members & Visitors at our last Monthly Club Meeting on Tuesday 1st October 2019.

Chairman's Chat

Eric opened the meeting by welcoming members, guests, visitors from SIGMA, and the many first-time visitors which was a delight to see.  Several had heard about us and our meetings via Facebook and it was also a pleasure to meet up with one guest who we had first chatted to at our Pop-Up Solar Observatory at this year's Belladrum Festival.

We have a new Committee Member - Gael Hillyard - who is very keen to take an active role in the running of our Club - Welcome to the delights of committee membership Gael!

We are also delighted to welcome back James Hitchmough, who has had an extremely busy 2019 so far, what with starting a new job and studying & sitting exams.  James is our resident Binocular Viewing Expert and he is your goto person if you want some help to take part in this very enjoyable aspect of practical astronomy.

HAS has had a busy September Outreach programme with Pauline delivering a presentation about our Club to the Rotary Club.  She very much appreciated the Vote of Thanks given by HAS Club Member Sandy Murray who gave very kind & supportive words about our Club to his Rotary colleagues.

Eric furthered the cause of HAS by taking a very active part in the 2019 Orkney International Science Festival under the HAS banner.  He delivered his talk "Footsteps On The Moon" to an audience of 95 in Kirkwall and 20 on the island of Sanday.  In addition to demonstrating the application of 3d-printing to produce lunar landscape educational tools at the Family Day in Kirkwall he delivered Lunar Landing STEM Sessions to 228 school pupils from P1 through S3/4 on the Orkney Mainland and Sanday over three days.

In line with our Club Aims of Keeping It Simple, Straightforward, and Accessible and For The Members we have distributed Feedback/Comment/Suggestion Sheets & Pencils on the tables.  We encourage you to use these to help the Committee shape the club to YOUR needs.

Eric drew members attention to several key points in the Notices then introduced Paul Jenkins who presented his excellent talk "The Passing of Time" (Members can read a summary of this talk in their e-mailed copy of Stargazey Pie).


Dave Davidson compiled the Monthly Club News report which, due to unplanned circumstance, Eric presented to the Meeting.

The PowerPoint presentation contains news, updates, and photos of the following

  • Dark Sky Observing Session
  • Members Activities & Photos
  • October & November Observing Session Schedule
  • October Observing & Astrophotography Challenges
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